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  • Rachel Barrett

MAR one year on: time for listed companies to reflect?

A year after the new EU Market Abuse Regulation took effect, companies still face uncertainties on to how to comply with their obligations.

Earlier this month, we presented at a Linklaters workshop aimed at reviewing MAR one year after implementation. The seminar looked at how the market is dealing with the main challenges of MAR and suggested actions listed companies can take to ensure they continue to follow best practice.


  • Extra hours spent on identification of inside information

  • Inside information decision tree

  • Legitimate reasons for delaying disclosure of inside information

  • Financial results in line with market expectation

  • What does “as soon as possible” mean?

  • Impact of Brexit

  • Notifications following a share buyback

  • Legitimate reasons for delay

  • Checklist

If you would like to receive notes from the seminar please email